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Easy Soak Nail Bath
Easy Soak Nail Bath

Offer a more professional service to your clients and speed-up your removal times. The EasySoak nail bath provides a more comfortable solution to regular soaking methods and the unique lid helps reduce the odour from the acetone and other soaking solutions.

Manicure Bowl
Manicure Bowl

These stylish manicure bowls help maintain the temperature of soaking solutions and also provide a comfortable resting position for the client's hand.

Plastic Ended Hoof Stick
Plastic Ended Hoof Stick

Used to gently push back cuticles. Can be sterilized and is a great tool for manicures.

Orange Cuticle Sticks
Orange Cuticle Sticks

These wooden cuticle sticks are reusable and durable enough to withstand any sanitizing solution.

Polypro Cuticle Stick
Polypro Cuticle Stick

Plastic Cuticle Sticks used to gently push back cuticles. A great tool for manicures.

Manicure Introduction Kit
Manicure Introduction Kit

An introductory manicure kit containing everything you need to get started with professional manicures.

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