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Soft Touch Nail Wrap Kits
Soft Touch Nail Wrap Kits

Complete nail wrap kit, in your choice of Fibreglass or Silk.

Includes: 1oz Gel, Dispense-a-Wrap, Natural Nail Tips, 3 Way Buffer, Nail Wrap File, Wrap Scissors, 3gm Nail Glue, 1/2 oz Cuticle Oil Conditioner, Poly Pro Cuticle Pusher, 1/2 oz Brush-on-Activator, 1/2 oz Blend-a-Tip Brush Cleaner.

Blend A Tip Brush Cleaner
Blend A Tip Brush Cleaner

A small coat when applied to the nail ridge gently softens the nail tip so excess gently rolls off when lightly filed. A great brush cleaner that removes hardened adhesives.


The Brush-On-Activator is simple to use, creating no harmful mist to breathe and no waste.

Dispense-A-Wrap Nail Wrap
Dispense-A-Wrap Nail Wrap

The system offers a choice of Silk or Fibreglass, with a pre-adhesive backing. The backing will allow glue to absorb through the mesh and bond the natural nail.

Nail Glue
Nail Glue

The Soft Touch Glue absorbs through the mesh and causes the fibres to dissipate. This creates a natural bond between the mesh and the nail plate.

Wrap Gel
Wrap Gel

This 1oz gel is of a thick consistency, which prevents running and enables you to build a strong nail arch.

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