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  UV Gel Lamps

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Two Handed UV Lamp
Two Handed UV Lamp

54-watt UV Gel curing light. With five settings- 90sec, 120sec, 180sec, 240sec, 300sec. This two handed lamp also has a built in fan, making it quicker to dry polished nails adding a professional touch to your service.

Portable UV Lamp
Portable UV Lamp

Engineered to cure all UV Gel systems. The 9 watt bulb housed in a fully reflective interior cures all nail surfaces. Ideally suited for tip and overlay applications.

36 Watt One Hand UV Lamp
36 Watt One Hand UV Lamp

36-watt UV Gel curing light. With two settings- 90secs and 120seconds, this 36-watt UV light cures nails fast.

Replacement Bulbs
Replacement Bulbs

The average bulb life is 2000 hours. We would recommended changing the bulbs every 5 to 6 months for light to medium use and every 3 to 4 months for heavy use.

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