Acrylic nails from NSI are the professionals choice. We offer a wide range of Powders and liquids, filing systems, salon accessories, nail art products and much more  
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NSI Nails stock a comprehesive range of high-tech appliances and innovative manicure equipment designed to help streamline your workflow and save you time. From standard 60Watt Flexi Desk Lamps to professional manicurist tools, we can provide many types of manicure equipment at competitive prices. Examples of our range of manicure equipment are detailed below:

Flexi Desk Lamp: Available in White the Flexi desk lamp has an easy to move flexible arm for perfect positioning and is approximately 34cms in height. It is mains operated with the on off switch located on the base and takes up to a 60 watt screw bulb.

Germ Terminator Pro: The germ Terminator is simple to use device designed to kill germs through an exclusive patented system that integrates the time-honored, sensible and effective system of "steam" with a unique automatic "dry-heat" process. The germ Terminator Pro is a piece of manicure equipment ideal for salon implements such as scissors, cuticle nippers and pushers. To use place the implements in the basket, place the top cover in position and add water, itís that simple.

Fuminator: A new revolution in fume extraction and an innovative piece of manicure equipment, the 12v fan motor removes unwanted fumes and filing dust. With ultra quiet operation the rotating front filter provides filtration eight times better than a stationary filter. Fully adjustable to almost any working angle the filter and can be changed easily and quickly. Available in black, white, blue, green or red.

Heat and Dry: The heat and dry offers the ideal nail drying solution. The efficient design offers enough space for both hands and feet. Two electronic sensors automatically activate the dryer on or off. The dryer has two temperature selection options warm and cool, plus an easy to open cap to remove any dust build-up.

Nail Trainer: The fast safe and practical way to learn nails. The nail trainer is all the models you will ever need. You can now practice when you want for as long as you want. The continuity of practice, the variation and realism of the nail trainers finger tips and nails will help speed you along to a lucrative career in the world of nail beauty.

P.H.D Collection: The PH.D Collection is a piece of manicure equipment designed for the experienced professional manicurist who demands only the finest tools of the trade. "This collection is not for the novice" The P.H.D. Collection contains 7 perfect tools of the trade: Cuticle Nipper, Acrtlic Nipper, Heavy Duty 5-3/4 Nail Nipper, Double sided pusher/cleaner, Slant tip tweezers, Rasp, Double ended 5 Curette.

Our full manicure equipment range is available to purchase online


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