Acrylic nails from NSI are the professionals choice. We offer a wide range of Powders and liquids, filing systems, salon accessories, nail art products and much more  
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When it comes time to restock your professional manicure supplies you can now choose from our extensive range of natural nail care products and manicure and pedicure accessories. We provide


A specially selected range of products designed to help you save time, money and create nails your clients deserve.

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Only pure sable kolinsky tops Birchwood slanted end handles in our manicure supplies.

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Files and Buffers

All NSI Files and Buffer manicure supplies are made with quality 3m abrasives designed to resist cracking and promote long wear.

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Nail Tips

So flexible, all styles fit easily to match any nail shape - flat to highly domed. Less styles to buy; No more popping off, curling away, cracking or splitting.

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Polish and Sealants

Fast drying heat and air activated polish sealants that combine acrylic co-polymers and UV stabilisers to seal and protect polished artificial nails in 3 minutes - Guaranteed!

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Preparation & Assorted Liquid Products

A specially selected range of products designed to help you save time, money and create the nails your clients deserve.

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Tools & Implements

A comprehensive range of quality tools and implements selected to help you work smarter not harder.

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Our full manicure Supplies range is available to purchase online


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