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Ready to be your own boss? 

Our 5 day nail technician course will teach you the skills you need to start your career in nails and beauty.

Once qualified you can:

  • Choose your own hours.

  • Work around your family life.

  • Achieve high earning potential.

  • Expand into other Nail & Beauty services

  • And above all ENJOY YOUR JOB!


Be part of the NSI family and receive our continual support throughout your journey.


About us

NSI UK have been nail industry pioneers for the last 30 years providing excellence in training and education and being at the forefront of product innovation and development. Our products are manufactured by our in-house chemists in our own facility in the USA along side UK industry icon Denise Wright so you can be assured the products chemistry are not only safe but of the very highest quality.


The Content

  •   Health & Safety
  •   Nail anatomy
  •   Nail diseases / disorders
  •   Tip application
  •   Sculpting technique
  •   Powder liquid ratio
  •   Product application
  •   Filing and finishing techniques
  •   Maintenance procedures and repairs
  •   Salon know how, etiquette and business building
  •   Enhancement removal
  •   Nail biters


This course has been carefully constructed to provide you with the right mix of both practical skills and knowledge which will enable you to progress in your career as a nail professional. The course is split into 2, two day sessions with a fifth day for your practical assessment. The course teaches you everything you need to begin a career in nails.


Course Fee

The total cost of the course is £550+VAT (£660), A deposit of £83.33+VAT (£100) is payable to secure your place. If you opt to pay the deposit the remaining balance of £560 can be paid in installments up to the week before your course starts. The full balance must be paid before attending the course. 


Price Includes

Attraction Acrylic training manual, comprehensive training kit. Upon successful completion an NSI foundation course certificate will be awarded


The Requirements

Students must bring thier own face mask, salon wear must be worn, students must have nails free from enhancements as will practice on each other. A model on day 5.



This is a 5 day course, days are split into two 2 day sessions across two weeks. Days 1-4 will be 10am-3/4pm. The 5th day is an exam day which you will book at the end of day 4, the 5th day will either be 10am-1pm or 2pm-5pm depneding on the date you choose.




Day 1 - Monday 9th May 2022

Day 2 - Tuesday 10th May 2022

Day 3 - Monday 23rd May 2022

Day 4 - Tuesday 24th May 2022

Day 5 - Practical Exam - To Be Confirmed



Day 1 - Monday 13th June 2022

Day 2 - Tuesday 14th June 2022

Day 3 - Monday 27th June 2022

Day 4 - Tuesday 28th June 2022

Day 5 - Practical Exam - To Be Confirmed



Day 1 - Monday 11th July 2022

Day 2 - Tuesday 12th July 2022

Day 3 - Monday 25th July 2022

Day 4 - Tuesday 26th July 2022

Day 5 - Practical Exam - To Be Confirmed



Day 1 - Monday 8th August 2022

Day 2 - Tuesday 9th August 2022

Day 3 - Monday 22nd August 2022

Day 4 - Tuesday 23rd August 2022

Day 5 - Practical Exam - To Be Confirmed



Day 1 - Monday 5th September 2022

Day 2 - Tuesday 6th September 2022

Day 3 - Monday 19th September 2022

Day 4 - Tuesday 20th September 2022

Day 5 - Practical Exam - To Be Confirmed



Day 1 - Monday 3rd October 2022

Day 2 - Tuesday 4th October 2022

Day 3 - Monday 17th October 2022

Day 4 - Tuesday 18th October 2022

Day 5 - Practical Exam - To Be Confirmed


What products will I use?

The course is taught using the Attraction acrylic system, one of the most advanced powder and liquid systems available. The powders are a unique blend available in radiant colour options, which offer effortless workability and deliver exceptional strength and flexibility. The attraction liquid is low odour, non-yellowing and designed for easy pick up. The Attraction acrylic system empowers the user to create captivating enhancements, with it’s unique flow and spring-back action. This is a core system used favoured by professionals and training schools around the world.

Where does the course take place?

At the NSI training academy - NSI UK Ltd , Unit 4 James Nasmyth Way, Eccles, Manchester, M30 0SF

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