New NSI Website now live!

Welcome to our brand new website!

We know it's been a while in the pipeline and we can't thank our customers enough for their continued patience and loyalty while we got things right.

So what's new?

This site has been designed with you in mind, we know you don't always have the time to browse for what you need so QuickShop will allow you to quickly add the products you need and order frequently, straight into your basket. Our updated checkout allows you to store your details and you can add multiple shipping addresses to your address book, great if you have more than one salon!

For those of you that love to spend time browsing we've made our store easier to navigate, you can filter your searches by colour so you can compare shades and see everything's that on offer. Use our Wish List feature to save the products you like and when you're ready to order you can add them to your basket with the push of a button.

Your new online account will enable you to manage your details, view your previous orders and reorder your most frequent products.

NSI strive to offer you the best customer service and experience, our new Live Chat facility allows you to speak to one our team directly if you don't have time to call. Our chat will be available Monday to Friday during our normal working hours.

Our online store is fully integrated with our order processing and stock managing software. The benefit of this integration is that our online stock is managed in real time, if something is out of stock you can request a email the minute it arrives back in our warehouse. 

This is only the beginning!

The site may be live but the development of it doesn't stop there, behind the scenes we're working on more exciting features which we can't wait to bring you. We're also open to your ideas! Let us know what you love, what we could do better or if there's anything you'd like to see added. Feedback can be sent using this form.

Be sure to follow our blog for updates, industry and product news, inspiration, education and business development and much more.

The NSI Team