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We are NSI UK, a leading supplier of professional nail products and training since 1992. The Nail Angel website was created as an off-shoot to the NSI UK website. It's aim was to offer resources to industry professionals, students and educators in the form of videos tutorials, written guidence and a place for Nail Technicians to connect. Over the years as social media has evolved there has been a shift in the way people search and view these resources, we've seen a huge growth in our own social networks so the decision was made to focus on providing content through these channels.

In 2019 we launched a brand new NSI website to provide our customers with a faster, easier way to shop and to find out more about the NSI products. As part of the continued development of this site, we are working on updating all our video content which originally featured on the Nail Angel website and we'll be making these available through this website and our social media platforms. We've also got some very exciting things to come in 2022 so sign-up to our mailing list to receive updates as new features are released!

If you used to purchase products through the Nail Angel website you can continue to purchase the full range of products through this website. If you already have an NSI online account there's no need to re-register just login to shop, if you're new to the NSI site you can quickly create an account here

If you have any questions regarding your Nail Angel account or would like help with the NSI website please call us on 0800 881 8469 where our team will be happy to help you.

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