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Nail Care Products and Treatments

Nail strengtheners and hardeners are used to improve the health and appearance of the natural nails. They can help reinforce weak or brittle nails, prevent chipping and splitting, and promote overall nail growth. These products often contain ingredients like keratin, vitamins, and minerals that nourish and strengthen the nails. However, its important to use them as directed and not excessively, as overuse can lead to further nail damage.



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Creating Stunning Bridal Nails: A Wedding Guide

Your wedding day is a monumental event, and every detail counts, especially when it comes to your bridal nails. Think about it—your hands will be the star of the show in those ring exchange photos and during your first dance. But navigating the world of bridal nails can be overwhelming. From choosing between acrylics, gels, or natural nails to picking the perfect design that complements your wedding ring, the options are endless. In this comprehensive guide, we'll demystify the essentials, explore popular trends, and even tackle some frequently asked questions.

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Seasonal Nail Trends: Colours and Designs for Every Season

As the seasons shift, so does the palette of the world around us. This ever-changing backdrop influences more than just nature; it weaves its way into the realm of beauty and fashion, particularly in the art of nails. From the rejuvenating pastels of spring to the fiery vibrancy of summer, and the earthy tones of autumn to the festive glitters of winter, our nails become a canvas reflecting these seasonal transitions. This guide delves deep into the heart of these trends, offering insights into the colours and designs that define each season.

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Identifying Different Nail Shapes

Nails, often seen as a canvas for self-expression, have evolved beyond mere aesthetics. The shape of one's nails can speak volumes, reflecting personal style, daily routines, and even historical and cultural nuances. From the understated elegance of round nails to the audacious flair of stilettos, each shape has its tale, its allure, and its considerations. In the ever-changing world of beauty and fashion, understanding the intricacies of nail shapes is both an art and a science. This guide delves deep, offering insights into the world of nail shapes, their maintenance, and the trends that shape them. 

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NSI Statement

In response to the feature on BBC Breakfast News (14/04/23) regarding the rise in allergies to gel nail products, we want to put your mind at ease if you use NSI products.
If you would like to learn more about HEMA, please read the full article 'Everything you need to know about HEMA on our blog.

NSI have been at the forefront of nail product research and development since the 1950’s and have supplied UK professional since 1992. Our main priority has always been to manufacture high quality, safe products for the nail technician and their client. NSI products are carefully researched, developed and manufactured by our own chemists in our own facility in the USA and distributed throughout the EU.

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NSI Nails UV/LED Topcoats

Is it just us that finds a chalky smooth freshly filed nail ready for topcoat so satisfying? Don't even get us started on the actual application of the topcoat, it just completely changes the whole appearance of the nail and we're here for it!

Whether you're finishing with a high gloss glass look topcoat or a classy matte finish we've got you covered. 

We have answered your questions about our NSI topcoats and what the differences are.


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NSI Acrylic Systems

When it comes to researching acrylic systems it’s easy to get lost down a deep mindboggling rabbit hole, with so many systems on the market its difficult to fathom which system will work best for you. From slow to fast setting systems and aroma free ranges we agree this can get a little daunting, so we have created our ‘NSI Acrylic System go to blog’ to help you make those final choices.


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All you need to know about HEMA

HEMA (hydroxyethyl methacrylate) is a chemical used for adhesion that’s found in most nail enhancement products, it's also used in treatments by dentists and orthopaedic surgeons. For years HEMA has been used safely by professionals in these industries but as products such as UV/LED Gel Polishes have become more accessible directly to consumers and poorly formulated gel polishes have flooded the market, the UK nail industry has seen a spike in allergic reactions which has led the demand for HEMA-Free products. 

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