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Tech Gel Colour Renew

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Green. 6gm.

Tech-Gel Colours are an ultra-pigment rich gel designed to give a maximum one coat, full coverage, tack free and cure to an ultra-high gloss shine over nail enhancements – so no need for a top coat! This will cut down on your service time as well as products used.

The Tech-Gel Colours have given us the best of both worlds. Opaqueness for full coverage with a bonus of nail art possibilities!

A gel designed by techs, for techs.

Of course, as technicians always do, we have discovered that you can do so much more with these gels. Unlike some other colour gels, Tech-Gel Colours can be used in many different ways such as one stroke, nail art designs and simple full colour. We have combined it together with Tech-Gel Glitter Base and have done “water colour” like designs. The possibilities are endless.

Cannot be used on natural nails.

Cure Times: LED for 60 sec or UV for 2 minutes.

Recommended for use with the NSI HD Detailer Brush.

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